Thursday, January 6, 2011

twenty eleven

ok.  we are six days in but here goes..... new years resolutions.  i have no idea why, but i love them.  love a fresh start.  a new day to get just a little bit closer to your ideal self.  love it.  so, here i am sharing mine with you.  ready?  here goes:

one.  be present.  here.  in the moment.  now.  this is a big one for me, and every other thing pretty much stems from it.  being a better mother, wife, friend, daughter, the list could go on and on.  too many times i catch myself thinking of all the time or things i want {need} and not enjoying the things i am doing.  right now.  in the present.  so thats my one.

two.  saying no.  "yes" is a great word.  it's true.  but i do not use the word "no" enough.  i remember as a teen {or preteen} during my rogers & hammerstein phase, watching the musical "oklahoma"  for the first time. when the song "i'm just a girl who cain't say no" came on, even then, i thought... "hey, that's me".  and it's still true today.  i almost {almost} missed out on my sweet husband due to this character flaw.  it's his story, i'll let him tell it.

three.  okay, this one is selfish & vain.  but honest.  short shorts.  or as jcrew calls them, mini shorts.  this will be the year.  i just know it.  i know this will not be easy.  there is a lot of self-destructive things i will have to get eliminate.  chocolate, pizza, queso, beer.  adios, i will try not to miss you.  what's that saying, "nothing taste as good as being thin feels"?  i have never, ever, believed it.  you?  fingers crossed, this may be the year i find out.  btw, when are you too old to wear mini shorts?  hmm.....

four.  to stop using capital letters and to always write out my numbers.  haha, only joking.

happy new year to you all.

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