Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy holidays

Happy Holidays! How do you get into the holiday spirit?  Shopping?  Decorating?  Baking?  Dreaming?  There is one thing that does it for me every year.  Christmas cards!  I love Christmas cards.  This is something I have adored since I was a kid.  Running out to the mailbox everyday to see what arrived.  Of course, I enjoy the entire process of selected, approving, receiving our own Christmas cards.  And when I received these this year, I was more than thrilled!  I tried a new company, Minted.  And I could not be happier.  Beautiful.  I think they are a perfect reflection of our family.  

Unfortunately, I can not send them out to everyone.  I truly wish I could....  So please enjoy here!

And I had to include a shot of my Christmas tree.  This year I did a real Christmas tree again.  First one since the kiddos were born.  

And my stockings, from Hable Construction via Garnet Hill.  Every year I try to do one purchase to add to the Christmas collection.  This was last years contribution.

Last, but not least..... loving our poinsettia that our sweet neighbors, Camille & Edith, give us every year.  Fingers crossed I won't kill it before Christmas Day.  Love to you all & Merry Christmas!

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