Tuesday, November 30, 2010

let's talk TV's

Okay.  So, you've got at least one.  Now what do you do?  Hide it or let it shine?  One of my favorite ways around the TV dilemma is a custom made cabinet.  Now, I know this is unrealistic for many, especially those that do not have a wonderful carpenter around (which I do, by the way, if you need him), but it can be highly functioning when made to fit your space perfectly.

This one was featured in House Beautiful.  I like the subtleness of it.  It's definitely not shouting: "TV, here, LOOK!"

Can you tell I have a thing for bookcases?  No doors on this one, but still not glaringly obvious.   Another House Beautiful feature by designer Ashley Whittaker.

This one gets an A++ for creativity.  Simple, clean, lines, than surprise, they placed an antique painted cupboard in it.  Very original.  Design by Faye Cone, featured in (you guessed it) House Beautiful.

Then I stumbled upon a new-to-me blog, Pure Style Home, and I love the media cabinet she uses in her family room.  It looks to me to be a "found piece."  I did not see a source listed.  Love the sliding glass doors and drawers below.  Her entire blog is beautiful & her home was featured in this month's Better Homes & Gardens. Be sure to check it out!

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