Wednesday, October 20, 2010

shhh.... secret's out!

If you live in the Golden Isles, I'm going to let you in on a secret.  Al's Secondhand Supermarket on Norwich Street in Brunswick.  This is the guy who is first at all the yard sales and snaps up all the good stuff.  He takes it back here and sells it for a little bit more.  And it's still a bargain.  You can find some great stuff in here.  My mother in law told me about it when I first moved here.  And she knows the deals, let me tell you.  She is always calling me to tell me where the best & cheapest produce, meat, household items. Anything & everything.  She can tell you the price right off the top of your head.  It's amazing & truly a talent in my opinion.

Speaking of my MIL, she found these awesome chairs for me at Al's.  They were $30/each.  I had them painted and reupholstered with a fabric I found on  So happy with the way they turned out!  But next time, we will be doing either a laminated fabric or pleather.  Something that will hold up with two kiddos.

And, then I later found this Jenny Lind bed for my daughters room for $65.  I painted, distressed and glazed it myself.  Currently we are only using the headboard, but hopefully when she is a little older we can use the entire bed.  It would be a little too high right now.  

I also have a fabulous desk for my sons room.  It is not finished yet, will post when done.  The local Goodwill has some really cool things as well.  You know what they say about junk & treasure & other people.  Sometimes it just works out!

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