Thursday, February 3, 2011

oh, the drama.

award season is here.  i love getting all teary eyed eyed watching actors accept awards.   
here is my ode to hollywood.  just a few interiors {sets} i have enjoyed over the years.  

Stranger Than Fiction - ana pascal's apartment is lovely.  very layered and bohemian.  this shot does not do it justice.  also, really love her bakery.

500 Days of Summer  - another bohemian look in summer's apartment, but this time the look feels very old soul & sweet.  love.

The Royal Tenenbaums, margot tenenbaum's bedroom.  pink, yes.  her collection of self portraits, love.

would be remiss not to mention, It's Complicated, and jane's kitchen.  i know its been much blogged about, but i just love it.  could move right in.  oddly enough, she also has a beautiful bakery.  

The Family Stone  - this is not a beautiful kitchen home office.  but i love it because it is real.  just real. with stuff, lots of stuff.  

 enjoy award season.


  1. Sorry, Babe, but the portraits of Margo were done by Richie. Couldn't let that one slide.

  2. i stand corrected! forgot that point, thanks!