Thursday, January 6, 2011

small house, large love

Our dilemma:  one boy, one girl.  1900 square feet.  I love our house.  I love our neighborhood.  I love how I can hear both my children at night {no monitor needed}.  But I would like a guest spot.  And the twin bed in my son's room doesn't really count, right?  If we could get our two in one room, then problem solved.  Instant guest room.  Sounds tricky though, designing for two opposite sex children in one space.  So, I went looking for some inspiration.  I have had a few of these bookmarked for awhile.

Actor Mark Ruffalo's home in Domino.  I really like this space.  I feel each kid could let their own personality come through.

Barrie Benson's home, also in Domino.  This shared space could be adapted to fit some girl personality as well. 

LOVE, love, this Palmer Weiss from Lonny.  Adorable room for two sisters to share, I think.  Can it be tweaked for boy/girl combo?  Probably would not come close to this adorable, but yeah, I think so.


  1. This surely is a tough one... but definitely such a fun challenge too. I have some "shared space" posts on my kids blog 'little moth'. If anyone can do a fantastic job on a shared space you can! xo Erica (moth design)

  2. Thanks, Erica! I just {re} checked out little moth! I love your shared spaces, they are fabulous. Thanks for the encouragement & for sharing! XO!