Friday, September 17, 2010

Out & About

I love to walk, run, bike around this beautiful island I call my home. One of my favorite things, of course, is to look at houses. This is my absolute favorite. So I am dedicating my first blog post to it. It is tucked away on a quiet street. And is truly a gem, on this low country, ranch, beach cottage island. Not that there is anything wrong with those houses, my next "out & about" post will surely feature a "beach cottage" that is for sale that is simple lovely. But back to the mod house. There, as far as I know, is not another one like it here on SSI. It is simply elegant in its style, and I adore the orange doors. It was on the market last year. I dreamed, a lot, about just what I would do if I was the proud owner.

Then this September this “Modern Life” spread in Elle Decor came out. My heart skipped a beat, and I fell in love with the design. Beautiful, simply beautiful. It reminded me instantly of my tucked away mod house on SSI. Enjoy!

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